A cumulative bibliography of LGBTQ Scholarship




Prepared by Jacob Sagrans, Keith Wace, and Lloyd Whitesell. This bibliography indexes music scholarship that features material on gender diversity, queer identity, culture, knowledge, or practice, or that approaches its topic from a queer, transgender, or anti-oppressive perspective. It does not index reviews or the popular queer press. Because it follows different guidelines for inclusion, it does not duplicate all listings in archived newsletters. Please send updates to lloyd dot whitesell at mcgill dot ca. Updated August 2018.


Syllabuses for LGBTQ, Gender,
and Sexuality Music Courses

Linda Austern, Gender, Sexuality, & Music in the Early Modern Era

Drew Davies, The Operas of Benjamin Britten

Phil Gentry, Gender and Sexuality in Music 

Fred Maus, Music and Sexuality (graduate, undergraduate

Mitchell Morris, LGBTQ Perspectives in Popular Music 

Jesse Revenig, Queer Music 

Lloyd Whitesell, Music and Queer Identity