Affiliates' Books – Updated Aug. 31, 2013

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Note: Books with the note "TAKEN" are no longer available.

BOOKS BY LGBTQ AFFILIATES (Contribution level 2: $75 or above)

•Adams, Byron. Edward Elgar and His World. Princeton University Press, 2007.

•Cusick, Suzanne. Francesca Caccini at the Medici Court: Music and the Circulation of Power. Chicago University Press, 2009. [TAKEN]

•Freitas, Roger. Portrait of a Castrato: Politics, Patronage, and Music in the Life of Atto Melani. Cambridge University Press, 2009. [TAKEN]

•Hubbs, Nadine. The Queer Composition of American’s Sound: Gay Modernists, American Music, and National Identity. University of California Press, 2004.

•Korsyn, Kevin. Decentering Music: A Critique of Contemporary Musical Research. Oxford University Press, 2004.

•Knapp, Raymond, Mitchell Morris, and Stacy Wolf. The Oxford Handbook of the American Musical, 2013. [TAKEN]

•Leibetseder, Doris. Queer Tracks: Subversive Strategies in Rock and Pop Music. Ashgate, 2012. [Unsigned]

•Levitz, Tamara. Modernist Mysteries: Perséphone. Oxford, 2012.   [TAKEN]

•McClary, Susan.  Desire and Pleasure in Seventeenth-Century Music. University of California Press, 2012. [TAKEN]

Miller, Leta and Frederic Lieberman. Composing a World: Lou Harrison, Musical Wayfarer. 2nd edition. University of Illinois Press, 2004.

 •Morris, Mitchell. The Persistence of Sentiment: Display and Feeling in Popular Music of the 1970s. University of California Press, 2013. [TAKEN]

•Murchison, Gayle. The American Stravinsky: The Style and Aesthetics of Copland’s New American Music, the Early Works, 1921-1938. University of Michigan Press, 2012. [TAKEN]

•Peraino, Judith. Listening to the Sirens: Musical Technologies of Queer Identity from Homer to Hedwig. University of California Press, 2006.

•Peraino, Judith. Giving Voice to Love: Song and Self-Expression from the Troubadours to Guillaume de Machaut. Oxford University Press, 2011. [TAKEN]

•Pollack, Howard. Marc Blitzstein: His Life, His Work, His World. Oxford University Press, 2012.

•Randall, Annie. Dusty!: Queen of the Postmods. Oxford University Press, 2009.

•Raykoff, Ivan. Dreams of Love: Playing the Romantic Pianist. Oxford University Press, forthcoming Nov. 2013.

•Riis, Thomas. Frank Loesser. Yale University Press, 2008.

•Rodger, Gillian. Champagne Charlie and Pretty Jemima: Variety Theater in the Nineteenth Century. University of Illinois Press, 2010.

•Solie, Ruth, ed. Musicology and Difference: Gender and Sexuality in Music Scholarship. University of California Press, 1995. [TAKEN]

•Taylor, Jodie. Playing it Queer: Popular Music, Identity and Queer World-making. Bern: Peter Lang, 2012. [Unsigned] [TAKEN]

•Treadwell, Nina. Music and Wonder at the Medici Court: The 1589 Interludes for La pellegrina. (CD included.) Indiana University Press, 2008. [TAKEN] If there is further interest, I can send an extra copy or two of the book from my office when I return in January, as I’m currently on leave.]