Previous Study Group Events

2017: Queering Dance Musics: Panel, Keynote, and Roundtable
Kyle Kaplan, "Graham and Cowell at San Quentin"
Lisa Barg, "Billy Strayhorn, Queer Collaboration, and Black Dance"
Lauron Kehler, "Sissy style: Gender, race, and sexuality in New Orleans bounce"
Keynote: "Learning Queerness, or, 'I'd rather be sitting in the dark'," Clare Croft (University of Michigan)
Roundtable on Queer social dance sounds, practices, and spaces
Louis Niebur, Sarah Hankins, Tiffany Naiman, Gavin Lee, and Stephan Pennington (moderator)

2016: Race-ing Queer Music Scholarship symposium. Please click here to be directed to the project page.

2015: A Serious Effort Not to Think Straight: Suzanne G. Cusick in conversation with Emily Wilbourne

2014: New Work in LGBTQ Scholarship

Bradley Fulgate, "Voices Fit for Queens:  Gender, Identity, Voice, and the Drag Queen"; Sam Baltimore, "Ashmans Aladdin Archive: Queer Orientalism in the Disney Renaissance"; & Marcus Desmond Harmon, "Teaching Womyn's Music, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alix Dobkin".

2013: How to Sound Gay: David Halperin in conversation with Ryan Dohoney

2012: Graduate Student Forum for New Research: Sarah Hankins, “Size and Shape are Appropriate, and Subject to Change”: Queer Arousal and the State of Musicology’s Search for Meaning & Jarek Paul Ervin, From “You Better Work” to “Born this Way:” Popular Music and the Gay Visibility

2011: Trans/gendering the voice: Julia Serano in conversation with Stephan Pennington

2010: Graduate Student Forum for New Research: William Cheng, “Toward an Acoustemology of the Closet: Online Gamespaces and Prosthetic Technologies of Queer Expression” & Lauron Kehrer, “Navigating Feminism and Capitalism: Lesbian Community Building and Goldenrod Music”

2009: Composer David Del Tredici in conversation with Susan McClary

2008: A Graduate Student Forum for New Research:Phillip J. Klepacki (Historical Musicology, University of Florida), “Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: The Art Songs of David Del Tredici,”and Dirk von der Horst (Theology, Ethics and Culture, Claremont Graduate University), “Queer Musicology in the Work of Constructive Theology”

2007: Open Discussion on Pedagogical Issues, moderated by Suzanne Cusick and Judth Ann Peraino

2006: Judith Halberstam, “Keeping Time with Lesbians on Ecstasy”

2005: Byron Adams, “‘Save Me From Those Suffering Boys!’: Britten, John Ireland and the Venerable Tradition of Uranian Boy-Worship”

2004: Jessie Ann Owens and Peter J.Burkholder, “Lesbian, Gay, Musicologist: Some Personal Reflections”

2003: Sherrie Tucker, “What’s Sexuality Got to Do with It? (And Other Queer Questions in American Music Scholarship)”

2002: Mitchell Morris leading a panel discussion about GLBTQ choruses

2001: Sophie Fuller, “A Queerable History? Women Musicians in Fin-de-siècle Britain”.

2000: Ivan Raykoff, “On the Borders of Camp: Transgendered Pop Stars in Germany, Turkey and Israel”; and Shanna Lorenz, “Revisiting Tango’s Homoeroticism in the Films Happy Together and The Tango Lesson”

1999: Howard Pollack, “Some Thoughts on Gay Receptivity to Copland’s Music”

1998: Ellen Harris, “Handel as Orpheus II: The Cultural Context of a Literary Reading”

1997: Sue-Ellen Case, “Queer Performance”